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Sync Errors after Dropping and Adding SharePoint Databases

We recently upgraded to SP2 in our environment, during the installation we had the drop the content databases through Central Admin and Added them back using STSADM. As we did this we ended up with following sync errors with event id’s 5553 and 7888.

These errors might also occur when you drop and add content databases without doing a preparetomove on it!



I fixed these errors by following simple steps below

  • Fist of all I identified the web application that is having Sync issues. (If you do not know which web app  it is, you can identify it with web app GUID from the first error and Comparing it the GUID with the upgrade log in 12 hive)
  • The I ran the following the STSADM command with top level site collection url

stsadm -o preparetomove -url [http:\\testsite.abcompany.com\]

  • I ran preparetomove command for all the site collections which are part of this web application

stsadm -o preparetomove -url [http:\\testsite.abcompany.com\sites\sitecollectionname]

  • After I ran preparetomove command on all site collections in the web application, I ran the sync comman to run the syncronization job

stsadm -o sync

  • Just to double check, I ran the following command to check to see if all content db’s are in sync

stsadm -o -sync -listolddatabases 5

  • I got a response as “no databases match the criteria for this shared service provider ” which indicates that all my content db’s are in sync.

This fixed my errors in the application log!

  1. Ravi Dinavahi
    November 12, 2009 at 12:18 am

    Thanks Avinash! That worked and that only worked. This problem cost me a lot of time….but then, I found your fix and end of the story.

    If you excuse, I am gonna go n get high.

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