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Trace Management Service unable to delete file

On all my SharePoint Server, I customize the location of trace logs instead of using the default 12 hive logs folder from Central Admin. This is to prevent my system drive from filling up due to trace logs, so after configuring the custom location to a drive different from my system drive I noticed my Trace Logs folder was almost 40 GB after a few days, I noticed that even though I set up no of trace log files to 96, I had more than 1000 log files under my custom trace logs folders and each trace log was full of the following message

Trace Management Service unable to delete file ‘Filename’.  Error 5

The Trace Management Service (WSSTRACING.EXE) was not able to delete my old files, so I figured out it’s a permissions issue and I checked for permissions.

WSS_ADMIN_WPG had Full Control & WSS_WPG had Modify rights.

The permissions seem be ok, but still same error and trace logs were not being deleted, so I compared the permissions on 12 hive logs and my custom trace logs folder. The difference was on that the LOCAL SERVICE Account had 12 hives logs folder had modify rights where as my custom trace logs folder did not. As soon as I gave the “ServerName\Local Service”account modify permissions on my custom trace logs folder, all my old trace logs were deleted and peace was restored.

So to sum it up, if you have the error I am getting, you need to add the following groups/accounts the required permissions

ServerName\WSS_ADMIN_WPG – Full Control

ServerName\WSS_WPG – Modify

ServerName\Local Service – Modify

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