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My Links missing in SharePoint 2010

If you are running SharePoint 2010 and probably one of the first things that your users would notice is that there is no more MY LINKS shortcut on the top right corner. Also, you don’t see MY LINKS when you go to your My Site. Well, don’t worry and there are MY LINKS in SharePoint 2010, but sort of hidden.

With the introduction of tagging features in SharePoint 2010, Microsoft wants you to use this tagging feature rather than using the MY LINKS. So whenever you are on a page that you visit often, if you click on the Tags and Notes short cut on the top, this page link is added to Tags and Notes under My Site. Well this pretty cool but some users like the flexibility of having the MY LINKS shortcut on every page instead going to their My Site.

So, How do you get My Links back? Follow this post by Laura Rodgers and you should be able to access your MY LINKS. I followed the second method and I have a link to MY LINKS on the Top Bar in My Site.

In SharePoint 2007, MY LINKS are stored in the SSP Database not in My Site Content Database. So, If you upgraded to SharePoint 2010 using database attach to a new Environment and lost all your MY LINKS, here is post by Shane Young on how to retrieve them.

As always thanks to Laura Rodgers and Shane Young for their support to the SharePoint Community.


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