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Is your SharePoint 2010 Ribbon broken on IE 8?

I noticed a strange thing on my SharePoint ribbon yesterday, it was all broken on IE 8. The tabs were squeezed, the text was truncated and It was not pretty anymore.

Notice there is no user information drop down, I was trying to “Sign in as Different User” but I could not the see the drop down for “Sign in as Different User”. I asked around to see if anybody else had the same issue and looked like it was only me and only on my machine.  This was only happening in IE 8 and It was working fine on Firefox or Safari. I tried restoring my browser to default,  but it did not help. After some digging on Bing, I found this KB article from Microsoft.


Looks like if you have IE zoomed out past 100%, the tabs will be break. The fix is pretty simple, click on View -> Zoom -> 100%. This fixed the issue for me.

The ribbon looks pretty again!



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  1. February 29, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Thanks for this — solved my problem!

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